Olivers POV

My back hurts. I was trying to help tori when she was vomiting, and then we get caught. my Dad was not happy when we woke him up. he was red as a tomato, and grabbed my ear with one hand, and dragged Tori by her hair outside. dropping to the snowy ground, I don't remember much, except for blood trailing down my spine, and tori's legs covered with imprints of a belt buckle. "I hope the pain makes both you know not to pester me." The man who I will not name said, towering over us. He left. I tried to help Tori walk back in, since she could barely walk. after we got upstairs, I left Tori in her room, and made my way back to mine.

After I got done explaining all this to Skylar, She got up and got really mad. "You have to tell someone. And why does your mom let this happen?" she said. "She doesn't know. And it's not like he's any nicer to her than he is to me and tori." I told her. "I think your father is insane. tell someone about this." she said. "I can't. I would be put in a foster home. and I can't do that to my sister. They would separate us." I said. "Tell your mom. you should live with her." she said. "I alternate houses for 2 weeks at a time. They're in the middle of a custody battle." I told Skylar. "oh. Well, if you tell someone, your Mom will get custody of you." she said. but, I don't think so. I didn't want to live in another state.

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