Olivers POV

I am in shock. I was just kissed by the love of my life. I have filled my life. Okay, that was overdramatic. but if my 13 year old sister can be stupid, so can I. "Um, that was,,?" Skylar started. "yeah, kinda,,?" I babbled like the idiot I am. "Interesting." She said altogether. "Exactly." I said. I heard water running, and some groaning. "Do you hear that?" Skylar asked. "Yeah, I'll see what it is. Hide in the closet." I said. she looked confused. But I think she caught on, and ducked into the closet. After I shut the door, I crept in to the bathroom, where Tori was sitting on the floor, head over in the toilet. I turned off the water and Tori jerked her head up. "Oliver, I'm so sorry. Please don't tell." she begged. "Tori, did you vomit up everything you ate today?" I asked her. "Y-yes, and it's not the first time. But if you tell mom and dad, I'll tell them about the girl." She said. Oh my god she found out. "Um what girl?" I lied. "Your friend Connie. I saw her in your bed." she said. "Tori, do you have Bulimia?" I asked her. "Yeah. But don't tell mom and dad." She begged again. "You need help. This is an eating disorder." I said. "Oliver I'm begging you." She said. Okay. I felt bad for making her beg. "Fine." I said. "Thank you." she said hugging me. Too much hugging for one night. But it's worth it.

And the ending sucks. Sorry about that.

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